Test Advisory And Governance

We offer a range of Managed Testing Services within
Software Quality Assurance and Testing:

TTest Advisory And Governance

Africonology position itself as a trusted advisor to our clients. Our testing advisory and governance offering comprises of subject matter expects in testing and provides advisory on the issues concerning governance, setting up/building testing team, strategizing, optimizing, gap analysis, auditing processes and environment, data integrity management, addressing legal and compliance concerns and impact, security etc. on software development activities as well as repository and providing guidance on testing related issues to our clients. Focus is on the following but not limited to:

  • TCoE, testing Centre of excellence
  • Testing Processes and Methodologies
  • Maturity Capability
  • Legal and Compliance Testing
  • Consulting
  • Disaster/Recovery testing
  • Diagnostic Testing™


Africonology Solutions Consulting provides clients with a different perspective, we help in setting up the testing centre of excellence, formulating and implementing testing governance best suitable for their environment, gap analysis and test environment audit.

Diagnostic Testing™

Most of the software implementations are not properly done and hence the clients suffer the repercussion of poor deliverables on their day to day duties. Some processes are not covered. Like a person will go to the doctor, Africonology Solutions has come up with the same analogy of diagnosing. In Africonology Solutions’ diagnostic testing we take a number of factors in place namely what was the original mandate of the business in implementing the system, the process followed to capture the requirements (Minutes of the meetings, JAD sessions, users feedback, etc.), what was expected vs. what was/is delivered.

Testing Governance (Processes and Methodologies)

We help in building governance of testing according to client’s environment. This includes test policy, test strategy, Master Test Plan, Close-Out report and Sign-Off report.

Test Process Improvement

We help our clients to improve their processes by analyzing the current state and to identify the backlogs and issues impacting the improvement.