Managed Testing Services

We offer a range of Managed Testing Services within Software Quality Assurance and Testing:

MManaged Testing Services

Managed Testing Services (MTS), also known as Test Factory, are Managed Services used for testing related tasks across one or more projects delivering one or more applications and systems, spanning the lifecycle of software and system development and system operation. The resources for testing (staff, testing infrastructure, system under test) are managed by and are the responsibility of Africonology Solutions to support the customer’s business processes. Africonology Solutions ensures scalability of the MTS and takes care of the resource management according to the utilisation scheme required to support the tasks. We provide Managed Testing Services by means of full outsourcing and co-outsourcing/contracting, depending on the client’s needs. Focus is on the following but not limited to:

  • Functional Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Usability


Functional Testing (Manual and Automation)

At Africonology, we provide both manual and automation testing. We also guarantee our customers that we place only the best candidates in accordance to their needs as well as their requirement.


We also opt for well-trained consultants and seasoned in manual testing, we recommend that they be ISTQB qualified. We have expertise on different test management tools including HP ALM 11 QC, IBM Rationale, and others.


Our automation capability is not restricted to tools; we have exposure to different automation tools including HP, IBM and others.  We implement automation to help our clients to have a minimum time in running regression and in maintaining them as well, thereby allowing them to focus on new changes. Focus more on unique

Performance Testing

Africonology Solutions also offers a service in performance testing, with our experienced performance engineers as well our partners in the industry. With a note that best application performance requires an effective way to test the application under production-like load testing conditions, identify bottlenecks and fix the issues. Africonology Solutions Performance Testing Engineers help simulate user load and test application performance under realistic load conditions. By monitoring systems and end-user transactions, they help identify and analyse bottlenecks and diagnose the root cause of issues down to code level.

We have expertise on the different tools including HP Software’s  LoadRunner / Performance Center, IBM Rational Performance Tester and others.

Security Testing

Security Testing is a process that helps design and implements software that protects the data and resources contained in and controlled by that software. The software is itself a resource and thus must be afforded appropriate security.

Since the number of threats specifically targeting software is increasing, the security of our software that we produce or procure must be assured. Dependence on information technology makes software assurance a key element of business continuity, business security as well as national security. At Africonology Solution, we help clients to address and detect these security loopholes before applications fall in the wrong hands.

The key advantages of using Africonology Solutions Managed Testing Services are:

  • Independence: Independent people are more likely to question everything, provide an objective second opinion, identify implicit requirements and objectively report any findings. Different lines of reporting assure no interference from conflicts of interests.


  • Scale effects: Because independent test organisations are usually pure-play testers, they test many different projects at the same time, allowing them to set up highly sophisticated tool chains and utilise a large number of synergies between different projects.
  • Resource capabilities: The skills within a specialised software testing resources are clearly focused on testing. Which will provide a high, coherent skill level for all employees simplifying resource exchange.


  • Complexity reduction: Since MTS involve outsourcing on a high level within the process chain, they reduce the overall process and organisation complexity on the customer’s side by enabling a black box view.
  • Risk reduction: Africonology Solutions as MTS providers usually take over a high degree of risk to deliver MTS. These are underpinned with corresponding service level agreements (SLAs) to shift overall testing risks to the provider.