About Us

Africonology Solutions provides Quality Assurance / Software
Testing and IT Recruitment solutions.


Africonology Solutions is a Quality Assurance and Software Testing consulting company specializing in the design and delivery of professional testing services and training products nationwide and regional markets.  Africonology offers ICT Companies, public companies, private companies and users a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for Software Testing, Training, and Quality Assurance.

Africonology has established itself as a real consulting and training company, positioned as a relatively risk-free purchase.


Africonology Solutions is a specialist IT recruitment consultancy providing IT recruitment solutions for companies and candidates both in South Africa and abroad.

Whether you are hunting for a job or for staff, Africonology Solutions has the right fit for you.

At Africonology Solutions we appoint a certain breed of human resource professionals who can look past the glossy resume to find the gems who makes a good employee.  We screen potential employees for our clients, and seek out the best in various fields and convince them to join the employment of our clients.  We spend a considerable amount of time on training and gaining knowledge on market trends to make sure we can give our clients a service of higher standards then the norm.

Africonology Solutions don’t make use of Internet career sites to source our candidates but rather as a tool to research trends and movements.  Head Hunting and working with passive candidates has been the cause for our success in a market where candidates are scared to move and also not willing to advertise themselves as being available.

Our consultants are not IT professionals but we understand the technicality of the specifications our clients give us and we can match accordingly.  We spend a significant amount of time daily talking to IT professionals and graduates to understand what they are looking for and why they leaving their current employers.  We do references to confirm with the client the reason the candidates gave as why he left.

Our goal with our clients is not to just make the placement but to be the preferred supplier, to be the best supplier the client has had the pleasure to deal with.


We provide training in different areas of software testing and in different settings:

SSchedule Training Programme
provided on our annual roster with a minimum of 20 candidates.

TTesting Academy
Training the new recruits, those that have never worked in testing profession before, graduates as well as school leavers in becoming professional testers. The academy normally runs for more than a month coupled with assessments as well, hands on participations and coaching/mentoring.

IIn-house Training
Provided at the client premises for their resources. More info is available on demand.